We only charge $30/h for PC Repair Services

We all run into computer problems and it could be very frustrating at times. You no longer have to worry as we are always here for your needs!

We Are Here 24/7/365 If You Ever Have A Problem

  • Security

    The main concern in today's technological world is security, so we make it ours too. Whether it's a virus, malware, spyware, we use the best technologies on the market to clean it all.

  • Cleanings

    Over time you may find that you are running out of disk space. We will remove unneeded data from your computer so that your hard drive performs optimal and has more space.

  • Hardware Issue

    If you are experiencing an issue that requires a Kaotic Solutions' Support Team Member (KS-STM) to physically repair, you're not out of the game. Contact us for local drop-off or shipping.

  • Software Issue

    Did the software you use just stop working out of no where? No need to worry as most software issues may be fixed by our technicians virtually with our remote support services.